About us

Who We Are

  • The Inblacklist is a project based on sharing information of his members which wants to have a clear evidence with the companies & employees with a bad reputation or which play unfair
  • Wind Industry     Oil & Gas     Rope Access


Our Mission
  • Inblacklist  have the main purpose to offer to his members a clever solution throught they can add/store/search information more easly
  • Through our system of feedbacks and reviews we want to offer much transparency as possible.
  • We also believe that approach will lead in the future to minimize the risks of differents bad experiences of the people involved in those industries.
As a company
  • Sometimes the companies are not bad intentioned however the circumstances make it to be reported inBlackList for all that are in this situation we give the right to regain the trust.
  • For example: if you were reported inBlackList and meanwhile you solve the staff you can apply to move from black list into white list after your prove that you solve the issue.
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Keep in touch with us

After a report is validated in our blacklist database automatically will be posted on social networks and if you want to keep in touch with us you can follow on main social networks Facebook & Linkedin